Offshore Investing

Offshore Investing

Offshore funds work on the same principle as onshore investment funds or mutual funds, pooling investors' money to provide the benefits of a well diversified and professionally managed portfolio of investments.

A fund qualifies as an offshore investment if it is incorporated in an offshore centre and intended for use by non-residents of that jurisdiction. Such funds generally pay little or nothing in the way of local taxes, although they may receive dividends or interest net of withholding tax depending on where and in which assets they invest. The same is true with offshore banking since the offshore banking institutions do not automatically deduct tax from the interest as their U.K. counterparts would have to do although you should read the section on the new EU Savings directive as this may now apply to you if you are a citizen of a European country living in a different country within the scope of the directive.

If tax is not the deciding factor in using offshore funds or an offshore trust, the scales may be tipped in their favour by other considerations. The type of investment may simply not be on offer onshore, due to regulatory prohibition or a lack of demand. Hedge funds are an example of the former and currency funds the latter.

Offshore Investments

A well-diversified financial portfolio includes direct offshore exposure. This potentially exposes your capital to growth across regions, sectors and economies. In addition, by including investments denominated in other currencies, you reduce your vulnerability to local currency risk.

Alliance Growth Capital is a leading offshore retail financial services group. It offers clients around the globe a range of investment products through a number of European-Asian-based businesses.

Offshore Investments Advice

At Alliance Growth Capital we aim to make your decisions straightforward by guiding you through some of the most important investment information. In this section you can learn why offshore investments may be the best choice for you. We take you through various Investment Themes and explain the key concepts that you need to be aware of, including Ethical Investments.

We also have information about how to move your wealth easily and efficiently via an Offshore Bond Portfolio, detailing the advantages that this may afford you. Finally, we have advice on how to Manage your Wealth, and a discussion of Risk and Diversification. We can also help you find a Specialist Wealth Manager, who can guide you further and give you personalised step by step advice.

Investing Offshore - The Benefits

There’s no better time to invest offshore and there are plenty of benefits in doing so, the first of which being the tax advantages. Savvy offshore investments could help you minimise your tax liability no matter where you live, allowing you to make the most of your assets and ensuring you don’t lose out to sky-rocketing tax payments.

Offshore investing also gives you the chance to diversify your portfolio, and because you won’t be restrained to a single market you’ll be able to reduce your financial risk in the process. Ultimately, investing offshore can be a great way to manage your wealth and get the most from your financial arrangements, but should you decide to invest offshore it’s important to make careful and informed decisions if you want to make sure your offshore investment funds will come to fruition. That’s why you need to get in touch and be aware of all the circumstances.

Importance of Wealth Management

As an expat there are a number of things you’ll need to think about, but your finances should be at the top of the list. It’s important to have a tailored wealth management strategy that can help you plan for the future, and investing offshore can be a great way to do that.

Wealth management is all about seeing your money grow, or at least, it should be. Managing your money well is just the beginning. You want to make it work for you on a much larger scale, particularly if you’ve moved abroad for financial reasons in the first place, and being able to invest offshore is central to the relocation. Offshore investment funds can transform your financial prospects to offer a wealth management solution that works, and with the right offshore investment advice you’ll soon be able to notice the difference.

Offshore Investment Advice you can Trust

Here at Alliance Growth Capital we are committed to providing offshore investment advice you can trust; helping you make the right decisions to really benefit from any offshore investment funds you have.

We can offer help and support across all areas of investing offshore (our website contains a wealth of offshore investing information) and because we specialise in the expat market, we’re confident we’ll be able to accommodate each investor with their individual needs.

We want to help you take advantage of the investment opportunities that are open to you, and with access to free, independent and wholly impartial advice you’ll have no need to look anywhere else.

Need Extra Help?

Of course, with so many different offshore investment funds and opportunities available it can be difficult to know where to start, but with us you won’t have to go it alone. If your requirements are more specific we’ll put you in touch with trained, experienced financial advisors who will listen to your needs and help you understand the market more thoroughly, offering tailored support to ensure you can invest offshore with confidence.

It’s this level of support that can make all the difference to your wealth management plans, and when you come to us you can be confident of getting the offshore investment advice you need. We’ll help you make the right offshore investing decision no matter what your requirements may be, so never underestimate the importance of putting your finances first and get in touch today to see how we can help transform your offshore investing prospects for the better.